T-Shirt Design Notes

T-Shirt Design Notes

There are nearly 100 designs live with more on the way.  Here is a small sample of some of the more popular designs.

This first design is sharp and crisp.  It’s the classic recycling symbol printed in black.  Printed on neutral colorways like greys and browns it’s sure to be a hit at your next collegiate mixer or university function.

Black Recycle Symbol T-Shirt


For this design again it’s the green recycling symbol, only this time it has an inner glow effect that I achieved with a  digital airbrush effect.  It elevates an otherwise flat symbol into something subtly greater.  I always feel good promoting recycling as it is something that I do  consistently almost every day:  plastics, glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard;  and the occasional used oil.  Like my Literacy Awareness themes, it has a similar positive message.

Inner Green Glow Recycling Symbol T-Shirt


There are literally dozens of more designs here to talk about.  Very quickly I can talk about these Sun T-Shirt designs which are variations on a vintage sun face illustration which is in the public domain.    The first one I designed was this orange sun t-shirt well actually this one is printed in White.

White Sun T-Shirt


When I was designing it I almost thought it could be part of a Black and Hispanic Literacy Awareness Campaign.  It is the Mens Library T-Shirt Printed in black.  Printed in black on brown and grey colorways I can see how it might send a message of promoting Minority Literacy and advocating people of color to use libraries more.  This gives me a good feeling to Promote Literacy and Libraries as I have a degree in Information Studies.

More designs forthcoming!