Recycling Shirts

If there’s one thing that I’m always diligent about, one of the few things that I’m always on top of: it’s Recycling! I always remember to look for that little round triangle symbol embossed on plastic items. I always put my plastic, glass, aluminum cans and card board in the Recycling bins. I can’t say I know what those numbers mean inside the symbols but just seeing that little rounded triangle recycling symbol on various plastic items lets me know that I can safely put it in the recycling. And it makes me feel good about the environment. This way I know that this glass, metal and plastic will be reused. It will reduce waste. And it won’t end up in the ocean where wildlife would be harmed. And hey why not show your recycling pride with a fine Anvil T-Shirt from Amazon. And if you’re tired and bored of the same green color for this symbol, this T-Shirt comes in a number of subtly different styles: weathered, white, inner green glow, greens, blues and black! The recycling shirt is a great way to show the world that you recycle, and that you care about the environment!