Pacific Crest Trail T Shirt

I went on an extended road tour of the West Coast of the USA, mostly along the I-5 but I also took various scenic side roads along the way, including Pacific Highway One and the 101. One hiking trail in particular was most memorable. This is Castle Crags Park. It is a really nice trail and challenging in some steeper rocky parts, with slabs of boulders and treacherous nooks and crannies. And the greatest thing about this trail is that there is a mountain spring near the top where you can drink right out of the side of the mountain! Cool delicious Northern California Mountain Spring Water! This was one of the most refreshing hikes I had because I needed that water and I was exhausted because I had gone further up the trail than I had planned. Anyway, on this road trip I remember seeing various segments of the Pacific Crest Trail as I traveled through The Cascades through Oregon and Washington State. So I tried to capture the essence of these trails in this T-Shirt. I hope you like these shirts.