Library T Shirt

I have always been a strong proponent of Literacy and the power of Libraries to change lives for the better. So much so that I now hold an advanced degree in Library Science (aka Information Studies or the MLIS- Master’s in Library and Information Science). It has taught me so much about organizing information, and yet other more esoteric topics such as Information Literacy, Information Poverty, and Information Welfare.

Library Signs:  Beacons of Literacy

Whenever I traveled I would see these highway signs, showing where the library is with this unmistakeable road sign. I saw these everywhere in my journeys as beacons of civil decency in an otherwise rough world; a place where I could cool off and recharge my batteries, read magazines, newspapers and get Internet access.

I have always felt welcome at libraries and I must have visited dozens of them all across America. I firmly believe (thanks to Carnegie’s legacy) that Libraries are one of the great American Institutions. Books are often the greatest companions I’ve found, and a good author is like a best friend when you need it. So here’s to Book Lovers, Fans of Literature, Readers, Authors and Library Patrons. Remember to thank your Librarian!