Appalachian Trail Shirts

So here is a little story about the Appalachian Trail.  We hiked the last part of it at the end of one summer.  There were large granite slabs as we ascended up past the tree line where mangled bonsai-like evergreens sprouted defiantly through the hard rocks.

On the way up before this, we saw a moose shoulder-deep crossing a pond like “Uh whatever.  Nothing to see here, guys.  Just a giant half-ton beast doggy-paddling across the deepest part of a pond with a mild sense of urgency.”

I remember thinking, “Is that moose going to be all right?”  I didn’t think moose could swim.  I hope her hooves were touching the pond bottom, but I don’t think they were.  I thought, “Is the moose going to drown?”  But she ended up being alright, if a little spooked by us.

I remember we ate an enormous amount of spaghetti at base camp what was known then as “carb-loading” in preparation of the 11 hour hike.

The hike would take us up and down the very last leg of the Northbound Appalachian Trail, the terminus of which was Mount Katahdin’s Baxter Peak.  I remember the descent went a lot quicker with a lot of loose rocks and comparatively more gentle gradients.

I slept like a cold piece of granite that night (a very sore and muscle-fatigued slab at that.)  Most of it wasn’t really steep or scary.  But we all had to make that decision at one point, one that I sort of regret for the fear of heights that I can’t shake to this day,  to traverse the Knife Edge or not.

I chose unwisely, given my fear of heights.

The Knife Edge of Mount Katahdin.  Yeah, it’s only about 1 mile straight down of certain fatal fall on either side of it.

No ropes?  No problem.

What was I thinking?  I’m lucky I didn’t die.      I do believe both of my testicles became much larger, but then retreated into my chest and have remained there ever since.

Appalachian Trail T-Shirts

These are a collection of AT-Shirts designed to outfit the avid hikers of the Appalachian Trail. I myself have hiked part of the more treacherous Appalachian. This would be the Knife Edge on Mount Katahdin at Baxter State Park in Maine. It was quite scary to be on such a thin ledge with nearly a mile down of certainly fatal distance, with no ropes! Ah the adventure and stupidity of being a young man!

Have a look at the various styles below and see if you like them. The different color ways offer quite a variation to choose from.