99 Cent Publishing is a Novelty T Shirt, Art Film, Music, Video, & eBook Internet Publisher.

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You will find a variety of content on this site.  This content is very eclectic; ranging from articles about tech, information studies as well as fresh T-Shirt designs every week posted by an award-winning Artist.

The 99 cent refers to the usual prices in xx.99 cents as T-Shirts are usually 16.99 to 19.99, always ending in a .99!

As for the eclectic designs here is a quick list of what you may find here:  bicycling t-shirts, recycling t-shirts, library t-shirts, bitcoin t-shirts, litecoin t-shirts, ethereum t-shirts, pacific crest trail t-shirts, appalachian trail t-shirts, t-shirts for book lovers and this is just a small sample of all the designs available. 100’s of design variations to choose from, most with a consciously innovative message such as literacy, peace, bike riding, reading books, learning cryptocurrency, hiking and much more.

There may be a ton of more content as this website may serve the function as an eclectic independent publisher of not just t-shirts but art films, eBooks and websites.