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You’ve found 99 cent Publishing.  A portal for fun quick reads starting at 99 cents! The first offering likely to be a compilation of snappy fun tech articles from an accomplished writer! This website also has a broad selection of T-Shirts for sale, and each T-Shirt tells a story via stories about T-Shirts.  Most of all this is an entertainment website and it should be fun to use and read while you shop for T-Shirts and possibly watch some short Art Films (soon to be released).

(99) ¢ent Publishing is a fun publisher with a sense of humor and an eye for socially relevant causes, as well as the Artsy, the Sporting and the Weird.

99 Cent Publishing is an independent publisher of fine media products with an emphasis on the offbeat, simple, low brow and lo-fidelity works as well as more eclectic works from other genres.

The T-Shirts I sell sometimes support social causes that I feel passionate about such as:  Literacy, Recycling, and even Fishing.  Well fishing isn’t really very altruistic but hey it’s fun.  In fact I made a shirt about it.  It is called “Fishing Is Fun.”

And that is just a bit of some of the amusements you will find here.  You’ll also find some Tech and Mac articles with a brief blurb on why I love using Adobe Master Collection and/or Creative Suite and Macbook Pros and Mac Pros.

And hey look at these two branding efforts here.  Enjoy your browsing here at 99¢ Pub!  Yeah it’s almost like a pub!  So pour yourself a pint, shop a little, read a little, support socially worthy causes like libraries and reading, and most of all enjoy yourself.

I hope you are entertained.  And, I don’t know, I hope you grab a souvenir T-Shirt on the way out.

And you might think from the name that everything here is only 99 cents.

The answer is, No!  I’m not that cheap!